Okay. Disclaimer: my first blog post is actually an old post from 2008.  But it’s a good story so I don’t want it to get lost in the internet archives somewhere. So enjoy the epic saga of…

Mari vs. BullyCat

So I’ve been running in beautiful Bernal Heights for about a year and a half now.  It’s a cute little neighborhood that leads to an amazing hilltop view, frequented by dog walkers and joggers.  Lovely.

But lately I’ve had to abandon my favorite route to the top because there is this really mean cat that lives in front of one of the houses (see map). Usually I’m pretty good with animals, especially cats… but this cat is an ASSHOLE:

  1. Incident one: I’m running by, and see this cute little cat perched in a planter.  I go to pet him, he hisses at me and swats.  I almost got scratched, but hey, lesson learned, I won’t try to pet you.
  2. Incident two: I run by, not even intending on stopping, and cat stands in the middle of the sidewalk, hissing, hair raised, like I’m the bad guy! I wasn’t even armed. I start to cross the street so as not to bother him, and he actually chases me for a few very scary yards! I have never seen this kind of behavior before in my life.

So now I turn on Prospect instead to avoid the whole awkward cat-bullying situation.