Warning, this is another old post. Sorry.

Back in 2008, I was headed to a friend’s pizza party at Pauline’s Pizza when my date and I noticed a well-dressed young woman talking to herself.  It was pretty odd, since she was clearly neither on the phone nor crazy.  She was wearing a snow-white sweater and what looked to be some pretty expensive jewelry.
As we got nearer, I noticed that she was not alone. In fact, she had not been talking to herself at all, but rather was covering for her equally well-dressed friend… who was busy peeing on a mailbox!  Now mind you, this is about 5:30, right next to a reasonably busy street.  We made eye contact with the lookout lady, and she whispered something to her friend about hurrying up.
We had a good laugh about them after passing and continued on to our destination.  When we got to the restaurant, it was packed.  I wrestled my way in to tell the head waiter we were there, and noticed that the two mailbox offenders were also in the receiving area (I hope they washed their hands).
We eventually were led up the stairs, where our party of 12 or so were already seated. And guess who was sitting directly across from us??

Turns out they were good friends of the birthday boy. And very quiet throughout dinner.